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Mega Pocket Torches - ANGLE TORCH

Mega Pocket Torches - ANGLE TORCH
***HOT*** MEGA POCKET TORCHES ***** Important! These lighters do not have butane in them. You must fill them yourself due to flamability laws.
You Don't Want to Miss Out on this GREAT DEAL!

These are some of the hottest torches you can buy.
- Lighting Fireworks
- Lighting Cigars
- Fishing
- Camping
- Melting glass tubing, small brazing rods
- Melting and fusing plastic materials
- Joining or cutting ropes of synthetic material
- Hobbies
- Hunting

THESE ARE SOLIDLY CONSTRUCTED AND BUTANE REFILLABLE.(The last lighter you will ever need to buy!)
Torch Features:
- Waterproof Piezo ignition system
- Wind Proof!
- Adjustable Flame
- Butane Refillable

May Receive:
  • Blue
  • Chrome
  • Green
  • Gunmetal
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Silver

      -These lighters do not come loaded with butane. You will need to buy your own butane and fill each lighter.

    This Product has an average defect rate of 4%. This defect rate has been taken into account for pricing on Display quantity purchases or more. To clarify, this means return requests for defects will only be accepted if the defect rate exceeds 4% for your order.
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